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About Blue Planet Strategies

Blue Planet Strategies, LLC (BPS) was founded in 2009 by two Wisconsin natives, and UW graduates, to revolutionize mining with their disruptive DeMet™ (Dynamic Electrolytic Mining Effluent Treatment) water treatment technology. BPS is passionate about providing innovative point-of-use ​transformations that benefit key processing steps of infrastructure industries. Our platform technology has ​been developed under a variety of US government Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants and ​founder funding. We strive to deliver solutions that improve both sustainability and competitiveness. BPS ​believes in providing critical capability that addresses a persistent key gap in copper production. We enable ​lower energy and lower-cost processing of abundant un-utilized marginal ores. Our innovation is also finding a​ fit in treating manufacturing and wastewater streams at industrial facilities. BPS has two long-term goals:

  1. Change the environmental contamination treatment paradigm so waste is treated as a resource.
  2. Unlock the 1/3 of the world’s copper ore that is currently economically unusable.

​DEMET™ Technology: The patented BPS DeMet technology was originally designed to target profitable mitigation of Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) at abandoned mine sites. It uses a proprietary electrolytic process to cost effectively remove/reclaim target metals, separate them from input/waste streams, and recover them in desired cleaned/concentrated marketable products. This process changes the conventional wastewater treatment paradigm by converting costly disposal of precipitated contaminants (hazardous sludge) into new revenues. DeMet continues to rapidly evolve in ways that address a variety of metal toxins and contaminants, and various product outputs can be created as desired. The multiple innovations embodied in DeMet employ well-established chemical techniques, are very flexible, and allow tailored use for wide-range treatment needs.:

With our ​DEMET™ pilot system, we have successfully demonstrated that profitable metal reclamation and generation of a variety of products is feasible, and represents new revenue sources.

​DEMET™ application to a variety of common and toxic ARD contaminant metals, such as iron (ubiquitous to ARD), has been validated; establishing the potential for broad utility and far-reaching impact.

​DEMET™ extracted high-value copper from weak leach mining product delivered to our lab by several working copper mines. ​​DEMET™ immediately unlocks new production and extends mine productivity; greener low-energy process generates less CO2, keeps production in the US, and improves US competitiveness.